Bek SmithSAHMRI's Wellbeing and Resilience Centre

    Bek Smith is a mental fitness and wellbeing expert, who brings her academic qualifications together with rich lived experience that she applies in her work as a speaker, educator and change-maker. As a science graduate Bek spent the first part of her career as a psychology researcher, before re-training and working as a physiotherapist and Pilates practitioner for ten years. She updated her psychology qualifications in 2016 and now dedicates her time teaching a range of cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills, including mindfulness, compassion and creativity. She is the Lead Trainer of SAHMRI’s Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, an independent consultant for Smith & Wellness, and a Reebok-sponsored dance instructor for Les Mills Asia Pacific. To find out more about Bek feel free to visit her LinkedIn page or her website.

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