Cowandilla Primary School

    You are invited to participate in a tour of Cowandilla Primary School.


    Cowandilla Primary is a vibrant, multicultural community in metropolitan Adelaide. They are a welcoming school and Children’s Centre serving approx. 540 children from birth to Year 7.


    Their vision is that through education children and community become active, responsible, global citizens. They are about developing positive relationships, rigorous learning and equipping children with skills that will enable them to choose creative, rewarding future pathways.


    Cowandilla PS and Children’s Centre provide a wide range of services for families: Antenatal Care, Occasional Care, Parent Groups, Playgroups, Preschool, Out of School Hours Care, Intensive English Language Program and a choice of three languages. Cowandilla is a Climate Change Specialist school where staff are knowledgeable about the scientific data around the issue. A portion of the science and HASS topics relate to the complex factors influencing climate change and its impact on our ecosystems.


    The staff have developed a wellbeing and social skills program based on the Personal and Social Capability Continuum from the Australian Curriculum, and tailored for Cowandilla students. The aim is to skill children to be resilient, in control of their emotions, able to make strong decisions, and able to understand the impact of their behaviour choices on themselves, and others.


    Cowandilla has a Community Use Agreement with the local council.  This means that the school grounds are considered part of the open space of the City of West Torrens. Community groups, particularly culturally and linguistically diverse groups, frequently use the inside and outside spaces.


    In addition to being a Climate Change Specialist School, they are skilled and confident in welcoming and engaging families and are a hub for the local community.


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