Star of the Sea

    Star of the Sea is a Catholic school that welcomes over 480 children and their families. They are a school whose children are curious, competent and capable learners. Their children bring with them the unique identities of their family and in sharing their history, culture, values, thoughts, ideas and opinions, they make our school what it is; a warm, welcoming, safe place of challenge and wonder.


    A special feature of the school is their world-class Marine Discovery Centre. Unique in South Australia, the centre allows our students to learn first-hand about their marine environment and ocean conservation. The Marine Discovery Centre (MDC) is part of Star of the Sea School and their students use the centre on Mondays and Tuesdays. For the rest of the week schools in South Australia can book in for an excursion experience.


    This focus on the Environment and Sustainability has further expanded to incorporate a diverse range of other focuses across the school, led by various year levels.


    A visit to the school will allow you the opportunity to hear about, discuss and see these programs.

    The staff of Star of the Sea would welcome your visit.

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